Sarah Radman and student subject

Dietary habits and anthropometric characteristics of rock climbers
Oct 21, 2019

Primary investigator: Sarah Radman (senior, NUT)

Faculty Advisor: Laurel Wentz (NUT)

Co-investigator: Amy Perkinson (senior, NUT)

Food pyramid

Finding your niche
Oct 8, 2019

By Audrey Gurkin

Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson, DCN, RDN
Oct 4, 2019


McArthur and students

Laura McArthur, Ph.D., RD
Oct 4, 2019

Dr. McArthur is an Associate Professor of Nutrition specializing in campus food security issues.

Farris and students
Grocery store produce section

Lowes Foods and the Appalachian State University Dietetic Internship Bring Nutritious Learning to Western North Carolina
Feb 26, 2013

The Appalachian State University Dietetic Internship Program has partnered with Lowes Foods to provide guided, nutrition-focused grocery store... Faculty Research

Professor Marty Root. Detail from photo by Marie Freeman

Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables
Jan 31, 2013

"Eat your fruits and vegetables." Every nutritionist, indeed, every good mother repeats this manta often.

Faculty Research