Finding your niche

By Audrey Gurkin

Boone, NC — Carleigh Brough, nutrition and foods major with a concentration in dietetics, graduated this May on a Friday and moved to Florida to start her new job on the following Monday. “It was a whirlwind,” according to Brough, “but a great opportunity for me to get back to family and do the work I love.”

Brough is a Dietary Technician with ViaMar Health (a treatment center for eating disorders) in West Palm Beach, Florida. She does nutrition assessments for patients when they are admitted and makes dietary plans according to their nutritional needs. Because of her education and training, Brough knew that eating disorders were a complex mental health issue, but her experience in her new role has opened her eyes to the realities of just how impactful one's relationship with food can be. “The clinical side of eating disorders is very interesting because you see how the disorder can have such detrimental effects on their body and in severe cases, lifelong effects. I have a nutrition group that I expose to different foods while challenging their distorted eating thoughts,” said Brough. “It’s such a rewarding experience for me to see the progress of my clients because I get to know them on a personal level and I get to share in their progress.”

While Brough struggled with what she wanted to specialize in during her senior year, she knows she has found her niche in the nutrition community. “I love the impact I have on my clients and I can’t believe I scored such an awesome job right out of college! The education I received from Appalachian helped me feel confident in my ability to perform my duties and the passion I have for what I do lets me know I am in the right role.”

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Published: Oct 8, 2019 8:44am