Laura McArthur, Ph.D., RD

Dr. McArthur is an Associate Professor of Nutrition specializing in campus food security issues. She has been in a leadership role on the topic of campus food security research with the Southeastern University Consortium on Hunger, Poverty & Nutrition with USDA FNS; advisor to US Government Accountability Office (GAO) on college food security issues; Editorial Board of Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, many publications on-campus food security assessment and interventions. She has recently developed an innovative intervention strategy of an inter-professional food security skills teaching model for equipping students to equip and mentor students who are food insecure on college campuses. She and her students are participating in an invited panel for the 2019 Carolinas College Hunger Summit in Greensboro, NC.

McArthur and students
Published: Oct 4, 2019 3:10pm