For Preceptors

For Preceptors

Thank you for serving as a preceptor and site for the Appalachian State University Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetic Internship program. We are grateful for your leadership in growing the future of our profession. 

Within this page, you will find information necessary to fulfill your responsibilities as a preceptor. 

Dynamic interaction is essential to the success of this program, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions or provide feedback. It is our goal that together this will be a rewarding experience for everyone! Please feel free to contact the DI Director, Amanda Hege, at, or DI Coordinator, Ariel Danek Smith with any questions or concerns. 

Interested in earning CPEUs for service as a preceptor? 



Professional Behavior Review

We ask that the main preceptor complete a Professional Behavior Review (PBR) at the midpoint and end of the rotation.

Evaluation and Verification by Preceptor

The Evaluation by Preceptor is completed by the preceptor for each assignment within the rotation. 

Progress Report

All students complete a Contact Hour Log and Progress Report every two weeks and submit it to their preceptor for review and signature.


App State DI Resources 

Overview for Supervised Practice Sites: Describes the supervised practice hour breakdown, required onboarding for all students, and a summary of the schedule, competencies assessed, and activities completed within each of the three main rotations: Clinical, Community and Food Systems Management. 

Checklist for CRDNs and Hours: As students progress through their internship, they are encouraged to track their progress in completing activities and hours utilizing this Checklist.  

Important Dates: Students attend online class days on every other Monday throughout the year. Students are expected to connect with their preceptor 4-6-weeks prior to their start date to complete onboarding and training. 

App State MS/DI Handbook: Provides all detailed policies and procedures.

Preceptor Resources 

The following documents are intended to facilitate your work with the dietetic intern as they complete supervised practice experiences. 

Preceptor TrainingView the slide-deck to prepare for your role as a preceptor! 

Characteristics of Effective PreceptorsComplete a brief self-assessment on strategies and characteristics of effective preceptors. 

Code of Ethics: Guidance on dietetics professional practice and conduct. 

The eQuality Toolkit from the University of Louisville is an excellent resources for practice skills for LGBTQ and DSD-Affected Patient Care