Required DPD Courses

Required DPD Courses

Individuals who desire to become Registered Dietitian/Nutritionists must fulfill three requirements.

  • First, they must complete the list of required courses shown below. Depending on the nature of their previous college work, they may have already completed some of these courses. Some individuals choose to complete a second degree in Nutrition and Foods, but this is not a requirement. For those who choose to get a second degree, it often requires completing a minimal number of credits beyond the dietetics courses.
  • Second, they must complete an ACEND-accredited dietetic internship.
  • Finally, they need to need to successfully pass the registration examination offered by Commission on Dietetics Registration (CDR).
  • CDR 2024 Mandate states that any candidate for the RDN credentialing exam must have a master’s degree beginning January 1, 2024.

Below is the list of courses that an individual who already has a bachelor's degree must complete or receive credit for to obtain a Verification Statement and be eligible for admission to the dietetic internship.

DPD Course Checklist for an Individual Who Already has a Bachelors Degree

ASU Course Number

ASU Course Name

ASU Course Credit

PSY 1200

Introduction to Psychology


ES 2040

Human Anatomy


ES 2050

Human Physiology


BIO 1801

Biological Concepts I


BIO 2200

Human Microbiology


CHE 1101

Introduction to Chemistry I


CHE 1102

Introduction to Chemistry II


CHE 2101

Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry


ACC 1050

Survey of Accounting


NUT 1202

Basic Food Science


NUT 2202

Nutrition and Health


NUT 2203

Org & Mgt of Foodservice


NUT 2210

Introduction to the Professions


NUT 3100

Nutritional Assessment


NUT 3300

Nutrition Education


NUT 3205

Nutrition and the Life Cycle


NUT 3400

Cultural Foods


NUT 4000

Nutrition Counseling


STT 2810/2820

Introduction to Statistics/Reasoning with Statistics


NUT 4200

Advanced Nutrition I


NUT 4206

Advanced Nutrition II


NUT 4240

Medical Nutrition Therapy I


NUT 4250

Medical Nutrition Therapy II


NUT 4504

Foodsystems  Management


NUT 4509

Quantity Food Production


NUT 4552

Medical Terminology


NUT 4560

Community Nutrition


NUT 4601

Professional Development for Dietetics


NUT 4920

Senior Seminar for Dietetics


Total Credits: 84-85