Preceptor's Page

Serving as a preceptor to dietetic interns provides many benefits, including professional satisfaction, assistance with projects, and the opportunity to impact the profession  by mentoring the next generation of nutrition professionals.

Comments from past Appalachian State University Dietetic Internship Preceptors have included:

  • “Being a preceptor definitely enhanced my knowledge and competence in the field of nutrition and dietetics.”
  • “Being a preceptor gives me a sense of personal accomplishment and satisfaction.”
  • “Precepting helps me keep my knowledge and skills up to date.”
  • “I like the feeling of knowing that I’m making a long-term impact on my profession.”
  • “The presence of clinical interns improves the visibility of my department.”
  • “Interns have helped us conduct outcomes research and have completed other important projects.”
  • “My staff really looks forward to the arrival of ‘our’ intern each year!”
  • “It was great to have staff relief – we were able to complete some ‘back burner’ projects.”
  • “I just really like working with students. It’s an enjoyable part of my job.”

ASU Dietetic Internship Preceptors include Registered Dietitians, School Nutrition Specialists, Certified Dietary Managers, and other qualified professionals. 

If you’re interested in the opportunity to work with an Appalachian State Univerisy dietetic intern, please contact the ASU DI Director:

Paul Moore, MS, RD